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Finding The Right Attorney

When I learned that my company was being sued, I knew that I didn't want to sit idly by and watch my company proceeds evaporate. I thought about it and decided that it might be a better idea to find a great attorney and fight for what was mine. I interviewed several different legal professionals until I found one that I felt really comfortable with. He had gone to a great law school, and he had spent years working in the courtroom fighting for businesses. When he got started with my case, it was amazing to see how much of a difference his expertise made. Read here to learn how to find the right attorney for your problems.

Tips To Help You Co-Parent After A Divorce

11 May 2017
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Divorce can be a tough time not just for you and your spouse, but for your children as well (if you have any). If your children are young, they will be going back and forth between your home and your ex's, which can be trying not just for you, but it can be stressful for your kids as well. They are essentially living in two separate households and it can be difficult to finally get comfortable at one home, then turn around and have to go back to the other house. Read More …

Dealing With An Injury? What To Know About Civil Vs. Criminal Cases

25 April 2017
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When someone gets injured in an accident, most people want someone to be held responsible, but it can get a bit confusing when the incident crosses jurisdictions. In this instance, jurisdiction refers not just to a geographical division, but to a judicial one. In other words, the person who caused your injuries could be tried in either a criminal court, or a civil court, or both. Read on to learn more about how these two types of jurisdictions differ and learn how only one will allow you to be compensated. Read More …

Get The Facts On Hearsay Evidence

10 April 2017
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When you are faced with criminal charges, you will likely be required to present your case in a court of law. Trials serve as a venue in which evidence can be presented to a judge and jury so that these individuals can determine a person's guilt. There are many types of evidence that can be presented in court, but there are many types of evidence that should be excluded from inclusion in a trial as well. Read More …

Handling Intangible Assets In The Digital Age

17 March 2017
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Technology has changed much of the world, leading to wealth and innovation in almost every sector of business. It also poses a host of new ethical questions in almost ever facet of philosophy, ranging from the value of intangible goods to the future meaning of artificial intelligence rights. The latter part about artificial intelligence is still far on the horizon, but digital assets are becoming more understood and valued--and may need to be managed after leaving this life. Read More …

Child Custody And The Best Interest Of The Child

8 March 2017
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The term "the best interest of the child" is used quite a bit, but few people really understand that this term has a legal meaning. This term is used to describe the health and welfare of minor children the world over, and is the focus of laws, guidelines, provisions, and human rights efforts. If you are a divorcing parent of a minor child, however, this term will have its own particular meaning. Read More …