3 Tips For A Car Accident Case

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3 Tips For A Car Accident Case

27 July 2017
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If you get hit while behind the wheel of a vehicle, it's critical that you do everything to protect your rights. A car accident can be traumatic and involves a healing period that can become pricey. To be sure that you are taking some strides in rectifying the damages incurred during the car accident, read these tips below and apply them to your case. 

#1: Start getting lawyer consultations and medical evaluations as soon as possible

As soon as you get hit by the other driver, a case has begun and every step afterward is important. After exchanging contact info and giving police officers statements, you will need to get the attention of a medical professional. Your doctor should give you a thorough physical examination. Be as thorough as possible when describing your injuries, so that your doctor can write you any necessary prescription and make notations of your condition. Keep in mind that after a vehicle accident, adrenaline is pumping, so you may begin feeling sore days later, after feeling fine immediately afterward. After getting medical care, you need to begin speaking to car accident attorneys. Get a few consultations and makes sure that the attorneys are bar certified. When possible, get references from other people who you know have been in an automobile accident. 

#2: Be ready for a series of interviews and evaluations

Any time that you are moving forward with a car accident case, you can count on having to do a number of interviews on the record pertaining to what happened during the accident, and the nature of your injuries. Your car accident attorney will be able to coach you through these interviews. Never give a statement to either automobile insurance company until your attorney has cleared it. These conversations are on the record, so you need to be careful and specific about every statement that you give. 

#3: Let your attorney negotiate a settlement

Though you may envision a hard earned win in court, it's far more likely that you will be settling your case. About 95 to 96 percent of car accident claims get negotiated into settlements. Hiring a quality professional car accident attorney, like the ones at Knochel Law Offices PC, is so critical, because they have the negotiating power that you need to get paid handsomely for your medical bills and suffering. 

If you use the tips presented, you will be able to move forward with your car accident case.