How To Appeal For Disability Payments After Your First Application Fails

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How To Appeal For Disability Payments After Your First Application Fails

13 July 2022
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Being unable to work because of a disability can cause emotional and financial stress to you and your family. In such a case applying for disability payments might be your lifeline. These payments will enable you to foot your monthly bills as if you're still employed. However, you must meet all the legal requirements to get consideration for disability insurance. 

Usually, only a small fraction of applicants manage to qualify for disability payments during their first application. So you could fail to qualify for the payments when you render your first application. Luckily you can reapply and try your luck again. In addition to engaging a lawyer, the following guidelines will help you during the appeal. 

How to Improve Your Success Chances

The first crucial step to take after the rejection of your disability payments application is contacting a lawyer. They will assist you in gathering additional evidence to reinforce your claim in a way that will convince the Social Security Association that you deserve to get disability benefits. For instance, they will order a medical examination showing that you have suffered additional setbacks in your health and medical condition. In that regard, they will ask your physician to describe your medical condition better than before. Doing this enables the SSA personnel to understand that your situation is severe enough to warrant financial support.

What to Expect in the Appeal Process

If the Social Security Administration disapproves of your application, they will send you a letter informing you that you weren't successful. Usually, they will attach reasons for the denial, which will help you know the areas to work on if you plan to appeal their decision. After that, you can contact the SSA within the stipulated time and request another claim review. During this time, you must gather all the necessary information to demonstrate your need for financial support.

When you hire an attorney, they will start by filing a hearing request. Depending on your case, the court may accept or turn the proposal down. If the judge approves your petition, you must do your best not to blow up such an opportunity. Your legal advisor can help you get the evidence needed to file the strongest appeal possible. They will then compile and present it in court so you can get disability insurance. Your attorney might even get witnesses to testify about the condition on your behalf. 

Your initial disability payment application has a slim chance of going through if you don't work with a lawyer. However, failing your first attempt does not mean you can't get the benefits. An attorney dealing with disability payments can prepare an appeal for you and argue your case during the hearing to ensure you receive much-needed disability benefits.

For more information, contact a Social Security disability lawyer near you.