What Are The Consequences Of Reckless Driving?

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What Are The Consequences Of Reckless Driving?

25 May 2022
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Reckless driving is a serious offense in all 50 states. This post addresses the consequences of reckless driving in more detail, plus provides information about different types of reckless driving and what you can do to avoid them.

What happens if you get charged with reckless driving?

Reckless driving is a criminal offense in most states. Depending on the severity of the offense, it can result in a fine, jail time, or even loss of your driver's license. If you are caught driving recklessly, you will likely face one or more of the following consequences:

  • A points system: In many states, reckless driving is added to your permanent record as points. If you accumulate enough points, you could lose your license.
  • Fines: Reckless driving fines vary by state, but they can be as high as $1000 or more.
  • Jail time: In some states, reckless driving is a misdemeanor offense that can result in up to a year in jail.
  • Probation: You may be placed on probation for a period of time and required to complete community service or attend driving classes.
  • Loss of license: In some states, your license can be suspended or revoked for reckless driving.

What are the different types of reckless driving?

There are many different types of reckless driving, but some of the most common include:

  • Speeding: It can be as simple as going a few miles over the speed limit or driving at speeds that are too fast for the road conditions, such as when it is icy or rainy outside.
  • Tailgating: This is when you follow another vehicle too closely. It's dangerous because it gives you less time to react if the other driver makes a sudden stop.
  • Weaving in and out of traffic: This is also known as lane changing or cutting off other drivers. It's dangerous because it increases your chances of getting into an accident.
  • Running red lights or stop signs: This is a serious offense that can result in injuries or even death.
  • Texting while driving: This is a new form of reckless driving that has become more common with the rise of cell phones. It's just as dangerous as other forms of distracted driving, such as eating, talking on the phone, or applying makeup.

How can you avoid being charged with reckless driving?

The best way to avoid being charged with reckless driving is to obey all traffic laws and drive safely. If you are caught speeding, tailgating, or weaving in and out of traffic, you could be ticketed. If you are involved in an accident while doing reckless driving, your consequences may be severe. Reach out to a legal representative who is well-versed in reckless driving for help.

For more information on reckless driving, contact a professional near you.