4 Types Of Internal Injuries Caused By A Car Accident And How To Seek Compensation

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4 Types Of Internal Injuries Caused By A Car Accident And How To Seek Compensation

9 March 2022
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Internal injuries affect the interior organs of the body. They result from accidents, especially when involved in a high-speed collision or when a pedestrian gets hit by a vehicle. Internal injuries are a little harder to notice, making them fatal in some cases. They affect organs in the torso and need extensive surgery and other medical procedures to treat. You should seek compensation if you suffered an internal injury from an auto accident. Here are four common types of internal problems resulting from car accidents and how an auto accident lawyer can help you get compensation. 

Traumatic Injury to the Brain

Car accidents often lead to your head banging on various parts of the vehicle. The components of the other vehicle might also hit you in the head, leading to brain injury. If you are a pedestrian, the traumatic brain injury will come from your head either hitting the asphalt or the vehicle bonnet. Injuries to the brain can take years to heal. Most of the time, they completely change your life, and you have to make adaptations to a new way of life. Therefore, compensation claims involving traumatic brain need legal assistance for the best settlement.

Bleeding Internally

You will bleed internally when a blood vessel gets damaged in an auto accident. The impact of the collision can cause damage to a major blood vessel and massive blood loss. Blood loss is also associated with injuries like broken ribs, punctured lungs, and a ruptured spleen. The surgeons will operate on you immediately to locate and repair the damaged blood vessel. The recovery process is typically long, and you might have to stay away from work for months. Consulting an auto accident lawyer will help you start the compensation claim. 

Lung Puncture

Sometimes accidents lead to trauma to the rib cage. The trauma can break the ribs. In turn, the broken ribs will puncture the lungs. It is a delicate issue that needs expert care and a long recovery process. The medical costs for treating a punctured lung will run high, which is why an attorney is necessary.

 Liver and Kidney Damage

Liver and kidney damages are other common complications resulting from accidents. They occur as a result of uncontrolled internal bleeding and could be fatal. Immediate response and weeks or months of intensive care help. 

These are some of the internal injuries that come from car accidents. It is best to consult a car accident lawyer soon after your injury and figure out the best way to hold the liable party accountable.

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