Contemplating Divorce? Ask A Lawyer These Questions Before Filing

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Contemplating Divorce? Ask A Lawyer These Questions Before Filing

14 September 2021
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If you are in a marriage that you want to leave, you might be contemplating a divorce right now. Getting divorced is a major event that you should not rush into too quickly. Instead, you might want to take your time and find out the answers to some vital questions before filing. Here are several great questions to ask a divorce lawyer before filing your case.

How Much Will It Cost?

A divorce is not free. Instead, it can be a costly event that you must typically pay for upfront. You can ask your divorce lawyer how much it will be and if they offer payment plans. Some lawyers charge flat fee rates for divorce cases, but there are other forms of fee systems that divorce lawyers use.

Who Will Get the House?

One big question you might have involves your home. Who will get the house in the divorce? Will you have to sell it? Will one person buy the other person out? If you are concerned about this issue, discuss it with your divorce lawyer before filing. Your lawyer can tell you all the potential options about what will happen to your marital residence.

How Do You Divide Debts?

If you and your spouse have debts, you might want to talk about how you will divide them in the divorce. In most cases, couples must divide the debts equally, no matter which spouse's name is on each of them. If you have a lot of marital debt, this is a good issue to discuss before filing your case.

How Does Child Custody Work?

When kids are involved in a divorce, it is wise to talk about how custody will work. If you want custody, will you face challenges getting this approved? Your attorney will give you the information you need about this issue to help you make an informed decision.

How Long Will It Take?

Finally, you can discuss a timeline for your divorce case. A divorce typically takes a while before it is finalized. You might have a cooling-off period you must use in your case, depending on your state laws. You might also have a lot of negotiating and settling with your spouse before you can finalize the case.

Before you start your divorce case, make sure you know the answers to these questions and any others you might have. If you would like some advice and legal assistance, contact a divorce lawyer today.