Working Away From Home: Are You Covered For Workers' Compensation?

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Working Away From Home: Are You Covered For Workers' Compensation?

29 November 2018
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Most people understand the value of workers' compensation insurance for those who are injured while at work. Fortunately for those who travel for their jobs, workers' comp insurance might cover them for issues just as it would if they got hurt while at the office or on site. Read on to learn more about how this insurance covers workers who are hurt away from their usual workplace.

What is the Extent of the Coverage?

If you are traveling out of town for your job, you can expect to be covered by workers' compensation insurance for the entire time you are away. That means door-to-door coverage and everything in between. For example, if you are helping to assemble a demonstration booth at an industry convention and hurt your back, you are covered.

What Can You Expect with Coverage?

Your injury merits full payment of all accident-related medical expenses. If the treatment, diagnostic test, or medication is ordered by the doctor, the workers' comp insurance carrier should pay for it. In addition to the medical expense coverage, you are also entitled to receive a disability wage while you recuperate away from your job. The amount paid for this wage is not meant to fully replace your usual salary, however. If your accident turns into a permanent disability, you may be entitled to a lump-sum settlement from the carrier.

What If Your Business Trip Turns into a Vacation Trip?

As long as you are attending to company business, you are covered for any illnesses or injuries. If you extend your trip and add on some recreational or rest-time at the location, however, you are not covered for any injuries during that time period.

What Should do When You Get Hurt While Traveling on Business?

You must ensure that the below steps are followed if you expect to have your claim for benefits approved by the workers' compensation insurance carrier.

1. Seek medical treatment immediately. You can go to the closest emergency room or urgent care facility.

2. Let your supervisor know about the accident or illness as soon as possible.

3. The process for filing a claim varies from state to state. In some locations, you can file a claim yourself by accessing a claim form online. In some places, it is the responsibility of your employer to file the claim. Speak to your human resources department to find out how to proceed.

You might encounter some snags when making a workers' comp claim. If you are having trouble with your claim, talk to a workers' comp attorney right away.