When Brain Damage Equals Personal Injury Damages

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When Brain Damage Equals Personal Injury Damages

25 May 2017
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If you have been hurt in a car wreck that was not your fault, you are undoubtedly feeling overwhelmed with the after-effects. If your injuries include trauma to your brain, it can be doubly difficult to cope with your wrecked car, hospital stay, pain and more. You may be entitled to be compensated for any damage to your brain, as well as other damages, so read on to learn how your potential amount of compensation is calculated.

Head Injuries Can Be Deceptive

While taking quick action is important when it comes to personal injury claims, don't be surprised if the real extent of your medical condition reveals itself gradually. Unlike a broken limb or internal injuries, the effects of a brain injury could take more time to show up. The damage caused by the accident could look deceptively minor, only to worsen over time, and the problems associated with damage to the brain can come and go during recovery. The unique way that brain injuries behave mean that agreeing to an insurance or personal injury settlement too soon could mean that you are leaving money on the table. Get a personal injury attorney on your case quickly, but make sure that the full extent of your brain injury is known before you settle. You should know that every state observes a statute of limitations, so don't delay your filing too long.

Keeping Good Documentation

Being organized after an auto accident is always important, and for those suffering from head injuries this is even more true. Keeping notes about the accident and the way it has affected your life, as well as medical treatment records, will not only assist your attorney in preparing your case, but it could directly affect the amount of your eventual settlement. Keeping a journal is a great therapeutic tool to help you deal with the accident, and will also serve as a reminder and evidence of your emotional damage, which, together with some dollar amounts will form the personal injury damage factor known as "pain and suffering".

How Much Will You Be Offered?

Many people think the amount of compensation is a mystery number, but actually your personal injury attorney likely already knows what the initial ballpark offer will be. Most insurance carriers use a common calculation tool to arrive a figure to offer you, and you can use an online tool to estimate your own settlement. The dollar amount of your medical bills, up to now, is important since it forms the basis for determining the seriousness of your accident. High medical bills normally indicate serious injuries.

There are several other factors in play in determining the final amount, so speak with your attorney to learn more about how to deal with a head injury claim.